The myriad contributions of the loose affiliation of genii who orbit “The Next Edge” represent a vast resource of applications for human potential, particularly addressing the emergence of collective and collaborative interdisciplinary addresses to various problematic manifestations of the legacy paradigm.

During a recent conversation immersed in this intersubjective milieu I had an AHA! moment, I realised that the ‘group’ and its interactions are a veritable fountain of vital contributions to the common future of our species and this planet.

There is a proposed “project in development” which seems aimed at expressing this potentially beneficial scenario on a scale which enhances the emergence of interconnected systemic contexts which are generative and life affirming. The ‘form’ of such an ideasphere need to be represented digitally and simulated iteratively in order to accelerate its evolution.

As a service to all sentient beings, this would represent a true integration of the full spectrum of diverse approaches to the nurturing of the continuance of life on this planet. As a resource to all those who are activating new paradigms and applications of such emergent thinking it is imperative that an intuitive interface be developed which can scale to any requirement for access. This interface will also require in itself the capacity to learn, evolve, and contribute to the project as it unfolds.

I am suggesting a conscious symbiosis of nature, intelligence, intuition and technology as a logical trajectory for the continuing evolution of life on Earth. I am not proposing some kind of contrived techno-topia – I do not have a fixed vision of what may ensue – just a deep resonance with what is required in order that what comes next can do so.

An open vista, a wide canvas, calling us to aim our collective view to possibilities, mark dots of insight for each other, to evoke more dots and connections until a do-able vision or projects emerge. With enough resonance that people wish to join and nurture, committed to bring from seed to fruition.

About Glisten

Visionary Metaphysician nurturing the emergence of a sentient noospheric entity.